ERPNext Vs Tally – Latest 2023 Updates

By | July 25, 2023
ERPNext Vs Tally

Lest understand Overview of ERPNext Vs Tally.


ERPNext is a general ERP system that is utilized by manufacturers, distributors, and service providers. Accounting, CRM, sales, purchasing, e-commerce websites, point of sale, manufacturing, warehousing, project management, inventory, and services are among the modules included. It also includes domain-specific modules such as schools, hospitals, agriculture, and non-profit. HR management, collaboration management, stock management, project management, and CRM functions are all included.

Tally Prime

Tally Prime software preserves the original simplicity while providing extensive business capabilities. Its features include accounting, finance, inventory, sales, purchasing, and branch administration such as statutory processes, excise duties, and so on. Whatever the demand, it makes life much easier. They enable business owners and affiliates to do more by providing the optimal blend of function, control, and personalization.

Finding the best ERP solution for your specific needs is a challenging undertaking. Implementing software such as ERPNext or TallyPrime necessitates careful consideration and analysis of critical elements. You’re probably thinking which is superior, ERPNext or TallyPrime. 

ERPNext or Tally

ERPNext and Tally Prime they’re both one of best ERP software in the industry. With respect to both the software’s use, it depends on the complexity and size of the businesses.


ERPNext is a Cloud based ERP technology. Moreover they have their core and roots in ERPs and related technologies. Due to its cloud operations, makes it easily accessible from anywhere. Because the complete network works via the internet.

Tally is a desktop based technology. They have their roots based in accounting and software based accounting solutions; that majorly work as Saas – Service as a Software.


In terms of how much each of the softwares are priced in the market, ERPNext and Tally cost almost the same in terms of affordability. Although, ERPNext is more focused in ERP based services to the core, while Tally Prime focuses on Accounting and bank service related ERP services.

Source availability

ERPNext is an open source software. Hence the paradigm enables businesses to access the ERP system’s code and adapt it using their own IT department, rather than paying extra for vendor modification services and license, as is customary with closed source systems.

Tally Prime is a subscription-based software that requires a product key licence to be utilised in the commercial operations of a business. Individuals can obtain the software via the company’s official website, a nearby store, or via e-commerce websites.

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    Module Integration

    ERPNext has more modules due to it number of features. These features are interconnected to each other in one way or the other, hence poses to complexity

    Tally Prime has less modules, as it focuses mainly on accounting services in their ERP; which dont require many modules. This makes the software less complicated.

    Experience (UI/UX)

    ERPNext has a rich user interface, since they have a complex structure and more number of modules. This feature of ERPNext makes the system user-friendly and easy to use.

    Tally Prime has an average user interface, which is compliant to the small business audience of the company. Tally Prime focuses on the service, on the whole instead.


    ERPNext Dubai best feature is that it offers multi-currency accounting functionality. The software offers an all-in-one accounting and financial tool. It is a full module capable of managing the entire accounting process.

    Tally Prime makes Accounting and Finance functions simple, regardless of the size of your organization or trade.

    HR & Payroll

    ERPNext goes over the steps involved in managing a group of coworkers. It allows you to create and handle employee payrolls as well as tax rules, with a comprehensive employee database.

    The Tally Prime Payroll module is particularly adaptable for adjusting salary computation techniques and disbursement frequency for various sorts of businesses.


    ERPNext has a production planning system that helps you to plan your inventories and supplies. Create a production schedule depending on Workstation availability. Use a hierarchical Bill of Materials and advanced costing tools.

    With Tally Prime UAE, Handling company tasks and keeping track of raw material depletion is critical for all businesses gets easy.

    Some more features of ERPNext

    Sales and Purchase

    The ERPNext system aggregates all key sales and purchase data. Dashboards give a quick snapshot of important performance data related to business operations. With configurable accounting dimensions and customizable dashboards, you can examine every aspect of your organization in one spot.


    ERPNext aids in the management of all of your company’s customer connections and interactions. It aids in the generation of leads, which improves commercial partnerships. ERPNext boosts the company’s efficiency by automating the sales process. It strengthens relationships with customers, reorganizes operations, and increases profitability.

    Asset Management

    ERPNext enables you to organize and track asset-related transactions such as acquiring, selling, depreciation, relocation, and maintenance. It is an efficient all-in-one solution for maintaining and storing entire data from all branches of your firm in a single centralized system.

    Some more features of Tally Prime


    Tally Banking brings everyday banking activities to your fingertips, additionally simplifies transactions and processing.

    VAT services

    Tally Prime has the ability to create and manage VAT classes and tax rates with flexibility. A streamlined solution with several features to accelerate your company’s growth.


    Comparatively, ERPNext has more extra features and services additionally along with the main ERP features. ERPNext is a software for companies that are looking for a wide range of services. While Tally Prime provides less additional features, as they focus on enhancing their core accounting and similar features. Also Tally Prime due to its specified set of service and features, are most commonly used by business that are only in need of specific service that majorly focus on accounting.

    For all kinds of IT solutions across UAE, Penieltech have been the best providers, especially for ERP solutions. Whether it be ERPNext or Tally Prime, both these ERP software’s along with many other IT and accounting solutions can be found with Peniel Technology.