ERPNext Vs SAP – 2023 Latest Updates

By | July 25, 2023

What is ERP

ERP is a form of software used by businesses to handle day-to-day company activities. Activities such as accounting, procurement, project management, risk management and compliance, and supply chain operations are taken care by ERP. A comprehensive ERP package also contains enterprise performance management software. This package aids in the planning, budgeting, forecasting, and reporting of an organization’s financial outcomes.

ERP software connects a variety of company activities and allow data to move across them. ERP solutions avoid data duplication. They ensure data integrity with a single source of truth by gathering an organization’s shared transactional data from numerous sources.

Why ERP software

Enterprise resource planning systems are entire, integrated platforms that manage all parts of a manufacturing or distribution firm, either on-premises or in the cloud. Furthermore, ERP systems, in conjunction with your primary accounting function, support all elements of financial administration, human resources, supply chain management, and production.

By recording all parts of manufacturing, transportation, and financials, ERP systems will also bring transparency into the whole company process. These integrated systems serve as a company’s core hub for end-to-end workflow and data. Moreover by giving access to a range of departments.

There are various ERP softwares in the market globally, Here let’s look into two ERP softwares that is neck to neck in the market in the features and services.

What is ERPNext

Frappe Technologies Pvt. Ltd. of India created ERPNext, an integrated enterprise resource planning (ERP) programme that is free and open-source and is built on the MariaDB database system. Frappe is a server-side framework based on Python.

Manufacturers, distributors, and service providers all use the basic ERP system known as ERPNext. Among the modules are accounting, CRM, sales, purchasing, e-commerce websites, point of sale, manufacturing, warehousing, project management, inventory, and services. It also has domain-specific modules for schools, hospitals, agriculture, and non-profit organizations. HR, communication, stock management, project management, and CRM services are all incorporated.

What is SAP

SAP is a global software business headquartered in Walldorf, Baden-Württemberg, Germany. It creates corporate software to help businesses manage their operations and customer relationships. The firm is the world’s top provider of enterprise resource planning (ERP) software.

Modern technical infrastructure serves as the foundation for the SAP Business Technology Platform. Data protection and security risk management experts. AI, machine learning, and advanced analytics are all intertwined. To assist modernise corporate processes, it is built for the cloud and runs on SAP HANA, a market-leading in-memory database with real-time processing speeds and a significantly reduced data architecture.

ERPNext or SAP

SAP, as powerful as it is, can become extremely hard to use and costly to adopt. When looking for a SAP alternative, you want functionality and a lower price. ERPNext is a monolithic ERP with functionalities across several disciplines. Accounting, CRM, Inventory Management, HR, Asset Management, Project Management, and Manufacturing are just a few examples. Hence comparing ERPNext and SAP.


  • ERPNext is an ERP system that runs in the cloud. Furthermore, they have their origins and core in ERPs and associated technologies. Because of its cloud-based operations, it is easily accessible from anywhere.
  • ERPNext is a free and open source application. As a result, the paradigm allows businesses to access the ERP system’s code and modify it using their own IT department, rather than paying extra for vendor modification services and licences, as is typical with closed source systems.
  • Because of the quantity of functionality, ERPNext includes more modules. These elements are all interrelated in some manner, which adds to the complexity.
  • Because of its complicated structure and large number of modules, ERPNext features a comprehensive user interface. This ERPNext feature makes the system user-friendly and simple to use.
  • ERPNext’s biggest feature is that it supports multi-currency accounting. The programme is a comprehensive accounting and financial tool. It is a complete module that can manage the entire accounting process.
  • ERPNext walks you through the stages of managing a group of employees. With a complete personnel database, you can design and manage employee payrolls as well as tax rules.
  • ERPNext has a production planning system to assist you in planning your inventory and supply. Create a production schedule based on the availability of Workstations. Make use of a hierarchical Bill of Materials as well as sophisticated costing tools.


  • SAP offers Customer Relationship Management, Product Lifecycle Management, Supplier Relationship Management, and other services. Its ERP application is popular among large corporations.
  • SAP ERP offers a streamlined corporate structure and distribution chain.
  • Higher firms with a huge number of daily operations, a large infrastructure, and a larger budget utilise SAP because of the more detailed services it provides, hence facilitating their every move.
    SAP also enables parallel accounting.
  • SAP ERP software is regarded as “feature-rich,” having more than ten major characteristics, a sample list of which follows: Accounting Module, Business Intelligence Module, CRM Module, and Human Resources Module.
  • The SAP programme is a little challenging to understand. As a result, they must be learned professionally. This software’s crew would require extensive training. In order to utilise SAP without any impediments.
  • This assumption is based on SAP’s purchase of other cloud-based companies and services, including as Concur Technologies.
  • Businesses of various sizes and sorts are among the software’s customers.


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