Document management with CRM to power up your team

By | July 25, 2023

The use of a CRM system automates and standardizes the management of client connections, enabling the development of deep and lasting relationships. Document management and client relationship management are two factors that can make or break a team’s efficiency and output. Together, you can more effectively handle the countless business documents you need to run your company and empower the sales and marketing teams to perform to their very best. Each serves a different role. Let’s look at how Document management with CRM solutions can power up your team in their tedious tasks.


What is Document management? 

Document management is the use of a system to organize, store, and find documents. Documents may be image-based, PDF-based, or electronically authored. By ensuring you can locate what you need when you need it, effective management of documents can help you save time, money, and frustration. Additionally, it lessens the chance that essential documents would be forgotten or lost.

A tool used to organize and save digital business documents is a document management system.

These documents may include items like datasheets, invoices, or contracts, to name a few from a commercial standpoint. In conclusion, even the smallest companies must maintain hundreds or even thousands of documents.

Why choose CRM with Document management

Less time spent on data restoring

When you have an integrated data and CRM system, creating customer documents takes less time. The use of a pre-made template does not require the addition of client information. Instead, the information from the central database is already available in the data fields on CRM solutions and relates to customer contact information, purchases, and interactions.

Secured operations: 

When you combine your document management with the CRM system, all staff have access to customer data centrally. The security of data appears to be at risk as a result. However, some options allow you to tailor who and how can work on it.

Because only a small number of staff members who have to work with sensitive material have access to the data obtained in this way, it is now secure. Thus, integration also guarantees the security of customer data.

No data duplication:

If your CRM software and document management system are separate entities that run independently, there can be frequently repeated customer data. This is typical because your sales team may want the same information as your customer care staff. You may avoid data duplication by integrating your document management with the CRM system. All of the customer’s data is logged only once at one access point. It is then accessible on the central server for use.

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    Better customer interactions:

    Customer interactions are now better because everything is available with only a few clicks, making it quicker to retrieve customer data. Your employees don’t need to advise the consumers to wait while they check through several files.

    This enhances the entire customer experience by better-addressing client queries. A satisfied client is likely to employ your services again. Your customer retention rate rises as a result. These clients also act as brand promoters for you since they spread the word positively about your services.

    Strategies to improve document management with CRM

    Knowing a few best practices can be useful when looking at document management with CRM. These consist of:

    Enhance workflows: 

    Establishing and adhering to a framework will help you organize your documents. Consequently, they are simple to find and access.

    Reduce the number of document versions:

    To enhance cooperation, save editing time, and preserve a single source of truth for the entire team, choose a system that enables several team members to edit the same document at the same time.

    Retain Early documents:

    As soon as you can, store papers in your best CRM for small businesses, whether that means scanning a paper copy or uploading a contract file from a customer email.

    Create special permissions:

    Use a document management solution that enables you to grant access rights to particular teams and people. This will keep information current and secure.

    Integrating document management capabilities into your best CRM for small businesses will streamline corporate workflow by centralizing everything you need. You can do it with the aid of features and integrations in an intuitive solution like Elate CRM software.

    How can Elate CRM help you in document management?

    By combining all of your sales workflows into a single, integrated Work OS, Elatesoft as a CRM, increases your productivity. The user-friendly interface of Elate CRM makes it simpler than you ever imagined to monitor pipelines, tick tasks off a list, and launch new sales initiatives.

    Even better, Elate CRM for small businesses now functions as the repository for document management for your team. Adding the appropriate documents to the appropriate set of data is as easy as a click, whether you’re onboarding a new customer or using Elate CRM’s robust project management features. To rapidly see all the documents your team requires at a glance, you may immediately access them from visual task boards.

    The straightforward document annotation features of the Elate sales CRM solution make collaboration a joy as well. To add a quick note, there is no need to download the file, exit your Work OS, and launch an editor. Additionally, thanks to real-time updates, your coworkers will immediately notice any remarks you make.

    You may collaborate on documents in real-time using Elate CRM work docs to speed up business operations. You can also share, print, and store work documents as necessary.


    You may benefit more from the integration of a customer relationship management system and a document management system than from using them separately. Your business will unquestionably require the expert services of a seasoned software development partner if it is interested in implementing the new integrated technological solution. Additionally, Elate CRM software may create a unique module for the CRM and DMS connection of your choice. By doing this, you’ll gain access to a solution that is specifically tailored to your company’s requirements.