9 Most Desired Property Amenities

By | July 25, 2023
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Knowing what your renters genuinely want when it comes to rentals. It will not only help you quickly and efficiently acquire the best tenants, but it will also help you keep your tenants. As with any service, you can charge more if you provide more, give more value, and offer more options if you know what your tenants want. lest check Most desired Property Amenities.

What are apartment property amenities

All non-essential services or features supplied to a renter in a rental property are referred to as apartment amenities. Most renters seek out these distinctive qualities in a rental house to enhance their entire experience and quality of life. However, one of the most important selling features for rental apartments is the facilities offered.

Over a ten-year period, the cost of renting an unfurnished flat has climbed by around 50%. High prices benefit landlords. Renters, on the other hand, demand a lot in return because they spend so much. Find tenant-friendly facilities to attract new renters and achieve better rent prices.

Some landlords fail to understand exactly what renters want. While some tenants struggle to find a house that suits their requirements. Fortunately, there are several appealing things you can incorporate into your rentals that will not break the bank.

9 Most desired Property Amenities

Whether you are buying a new property or remodeling an existing one, here are 9 of the most crucial features that renters look for in a rental home. These criteria can help you attract more renters, increasing your chances of finding a good tenant for your home.


Location, like every other aspect of a business, may have a significant influence on revenue. Great renters like to live near their place of job, as well as grocery stores, restaurants, and community parks. It all comes down to lifestyle quality, and a fantastic renter is frequently ready to pay more or overlook less attractive characteristics of the rental unit if the property is located in a desirable neighborhood. It is crucial to have a grocery, GP, pharmacy, and other stores close, and school catchment areas are important to families.

High-speed Internet access

Fast internet is essential when renting a commercial facility. A high-speed internet connection included in your rental package will appeal to people who work from home, such as busy professionals.

Is fiber optic technology accessible in your area? If this is the case, extend the offer to the entire building so that every unit is hooked and ready to join. You may even include free internet as part of your rental package or charge extra for it.

A Good Pet Policy

Unexpectedly, we write a lot about dogs and how much people like their reasonably priced animal companions. And it may be because I long for a dog of my own. Or maybe I’m just a product of my society. The idea is that the millennial generation is the most likely to rent presently. And they adore their animal buddies. 73% of millennials own pets. Having a flexible, clever, and welcoming pet policy will help you obtain tenants.

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    AC and Wash drier

    A window unit or two in your property will not break the bank and will attract additional tenants. Just make sure you’re not covering the power bill so you don’t have to worry about how frequently the AC unit is set too high.
    Most tenants anticipate on-site laundry facilities to wash their clothing and bedding. It’s far handier than hauling things to a remote location. Include a vending area with laundry soaps and softeners, as well as food for individuals doing their washing.

    Peaceful Neighborhood

    Privacy and a calm atmosphere are more valuable today than ever before. With so many individuals working from home, the ability to concentrate without interruptions is critical. While you can’t control the entire neighborhood mood, landlords of multifamily apartments may want to consider posting signs around the property reminding tenants to keep quiet between 10 p.m. and 6 a.m.


    Tenants desire plenty of parking, not just for themselves but also for their guests. Potential renters like the ability to host a housewarming or birthday celebration in their own place, without having to include difficult parking directions on the invitation. A rental truly feels like home when you can easily welcome family and friends for holidays and special events.

    Security features

    An area that is secure is what everyone wants. Potential landlords should constantly examine crime statistics in the region before purchasing any property. Installing a few extra security measures, like cameras and motion sensor exterior lights, is a simple way to attract potential renters.
    In addition to having a functional security system, landlords may make their renters feel safer by installing CCTV, adding extra locks and a peephole to the front door, and ensuring all safety certificates are in place.

    Furnished and with a walk-in closet

    A luxury, but one that many people adore and will pique the interest of all but the most austere tenants. Moving furniture is inconvenient for those who are always on the move, so it’s no wonder that furnished apartments are popular. Carpet is a nightmare for any seasoned tenant. A hardwood floor, on the other hand, is simple to maintain.

    Automated Services

    Automated tenant services make life simpler not just for tenants but also for landlords. From rental collection to maintenance and repair requests, the intelligent landlord will set up automated systems that accomplish the majority of the work. With this in place, landlords can concentrate on collecting rent and answering requests rather than receiving them. Some features of Real estate software are-

    • Simple Usability
    • Extremely Scalable
    • Analytics and Advanced Reporting
    • Potential Integration

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