5 Best Property Management Software for Small Landlords

By | July 25, 2023

It’s all too easy for things to get overlooked when you own rental property and its management.

Minor mistakes like forgetting to schedule a repair or failing to make a rent payment can result in disgruntled renters and greater vacancy rates, which diminish cash flow and underperform the property.

What is property management software?

Property management software helps landlords and real estate agents keep track of leases, maintenance jobs, and tenants’ payments of rent and other obligations.

Both residential and commercial property management can be handled by it.

Property Management Software Dubai

Here are a few property management software

1. Elate TMS/PMS

With more than a decade of real estate firm expertise and thousands of happy clients, Elate TMS is one of the market-leading property management software in the UAE and is a tried-and-true solution for large, small, and medium-sized real estate enterprises in Dubai.

It offers a dashboard function that lets you see how much space is utilized and also available.

By using the check-in and check-out options, you can keep track of tenant check-ins and check-outs while also reminding yourself of any contracts that are about to expire.

You may enter expenses using our program and generate reports for each unit, building, and renter.

Elate TMS is easy-to-use and also highly scalable software.

Our tenant management system Dubai is a powerful application that enables property agencies and agents to expand their business swiftly through hunting and handling perfect clients.

Our real estate software is purposefully created to market, systematize, and manage business processes flawlessly involved in the real estate industry.

It is extensive software that can commendably support your business and intend cost-effective solutions.

There is no need for pricey training because tenant management software in the UAE is simple to understand.

The tool is adaptable enough to meet all the current needs of property owners or landlords.

Our experts will address your issue and also guide you through the procedure.

In addition to this send us an email, use the chat feature, or phone us at your convenience using the support number.

We pledge to uphold global standards and provide comprehensive technical assistance throughout the issue to help you with your problems whenever they arise.


  1. Great Dashboard
  2. Reminder to remind the expiring contract
  3. Expense entry
  4. Check in and check out the details of the tenant
  5. Report.
  6. Quick Search Option etc.

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    2. Avail

    Software options for the do-it-yourself landlord are provided by Avail.

    Additionally, To assist the small investor in becoming a competent and confident landlord, the organization provides a full suite of tools and educational materials.

    The landlord software from Avail has two pricing tiers.

    In addition to online rent payments, maintenance tracking, tenant screening, background checks, state-specific leases, and syndicated job ads, the Unlimited Plan covers an unlimited number of rental units.


    1. Online rent payments
    2. Work order management
    3. Tenant screening
    4. Automatic listings

    3. TenantCloud

    For new owners, managers, and landlords with ranging from one to 500 units under control, TenantCloud is a good fit.

    Additionally, the business provides a free end-to-end property management platform with all-in-one features in a free Basic Plan, which includes maintaining a record of rental information, sending and receiving rent payments, and managing maintenance.


    1. Online rent payments
    2. Work order management
    3. Vendor payments

    4. SimplifyEM

    If you’re primarily searching for an accounting application for managing your properties, SimplifyEM is a great choice.

    With some special features like payment reminders, SimplifyEM mostly facilitates tracking and also collecting rent.

    Unlike other property management software programs, their free trial version of the software allows you to use the entire program for a short period of time without entering any sensitive data.

    SimplifyEm, created by real estate experts, is the best option for landlords who need assistance managing a few properties but don’t want to pay the exorbitant cost of other software solutions.

    It strikes the optimal mix between price and also features.

    Each package comes with email and phone support, tracking of expenses and income, reports on tenant lease management and also renters insurance etc

    With SimplifyEm, landlords can manage their rental properties quickly and easily while also saving time and money.

    Additionally, It enables users to keep tabs on their earnings and outgoings, collect rent and rental application information online, screen potential tenants, produce and review owner reports, keep track of maintenance requests, save documents, and automate repetitive chores.

    Due to its cloud-based nature, you can start using it right away.


    1. Robust accounting features
    2. QuickBooks integration
    3. Reminders
    4. Automated rent payments

    5. Yardi Breeze

    With only a few web clicks, customers can manage their homes, tenants, and also finances.

    However, Yardi Breeze stands out due to its special function that enables users to capture images immediately from a smart device and add them to a maintenance request made on an internet platform.

    Previous users claim that the system is easy to comprehend. Still, even those who have trouble setting it up can get help from Yardi Breeze for free training and customer assistance to get their account set up and become familiar with the program.


    • Online rent collecting,
    • rental applications,
    • templates and addendums,
    • maintenance requests,
    • automated marketing,
    • activity calendars with tasks,
    • renters insurance,
    • tenant communication options,
    • workflow sheets

    Note: Reference: Google.com, products are not listed according to ranking or number, they are just discussed with features.