10 Best SaaS Companies in Dubai

By | December 28, 2023

SaaS Companies in Dubai

“Software as a Service” is what SaaS stands for. This suggests that the user uses the software remotely while it is hosted on a SaaS company’s server. Obviously, in this day and age, many software companies may relate to this definition. Software as a service or SaaS company manages the servers, databases, and applications that enable users to access the application online, most frequently using web browsers. The software is accessible to users on practically any device. Let’s take a closer look at the top 10 SaaS companies in Dubai for 2024.

In the UAE, the software as a service (SaaS) market is expected to reach a valuation of USD 5.49 billion by 2022. The size of the UAE software as a service market is anticipated to increase at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 27.93% between 2023 and 2029, reaching a valuation of USD 30.52 billion by that time.


10 Best SaaS Companies in Dubai (2024)

1. Beehive

The MENA region’s first regulated peer-to-peer lending online marketplace is called Beehive, an E& enterprise company. 

Through direct connections, Beehive builds growth-oriented partnerships between astute investors and creditworthy companies. 

Their platform reduces the costs and complexity associated with traditional finance using advanced crowdfunding technology. It gives investors higher returns and facilitates faster access to lower-cost financing for businesses. 

How their software operates: 

  1. Businesses use Beehive to apply for financing.
  2. Approved businesses displayed in their marketplace
  3. Businesses use the site to fund financing requests, and
  4. Investors receive monthly returns in return.

2. Penieltech 

Penieltech is the leading provider of all-inclusive accounting software solutions, meeting the various demands of Middle Eastern companies. 

They have a wide range of products and services, such as TallyPrime, Odoo, Sage, QuickBooks, Elate ERP, CRM, and HRMS. One of the best SaaS companies in Dubai you can get in the United Arab Emirates.

Apart from their proficiency in accounting software, they also provide a wide selection of IT solutions customized to fulfill the distinct needs of businesses operating in the Middle East. 

With over 2000 happy clients, they have established a strong reputation for themselves in the industry because of their exceptional services and dependable customer care.

They developed their own ERP software. Their ERP modules offer a comprehensive ERP solution by covering essential functions including financial accounting, sales, purchasing, attendance management, inventory management, and e-commerce. 

Their SaaS products work in different modules:

  • Accounting,
  • Inventory, 
  • Warehouse,
  • Supply chain, 
  • Human resources and Payroll, etc.

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    3. Grubtech

    GrubTech is an industry pioneer situated in Dubai. Since 2019, the business has offered a comprehensive SaaS platform for cloud kitchens and restaurants. 

    Grubtech, which adheres to the tenets of “Connect. Deliver. Optimise,” provides seamless integration with over 100 partners and supports more than 750 brands in 18 countries.

    Essentially, Grubtech’s gOnline serves as a trailblazing integration hub that enables eateries to combine information from all merchant systems and third-party apps into one platform. 

    Their approach not only reduces order failure rates by a large amount by combining all orders from top food aggregators into a single, centralized system, but it also streamlines restaurant operations by doing away with human inputs and tablet mayhem.

    Working together with top food aggregators, self-ordering kiosks, and direct ordering platforms, Grubtech offers a complete solution, from channel connectivity to the extraction of useful data for company growth.

    4. Dtec (Dukkantek)

    DTEK.AI, formerly known as Dukkantek, is a retail technology business that uses cutting-edge technologies like AI, computer vision, and machine learning to tackle operational shop inefficiencies.

    In 2021, they introduced a next-generation point-of-sale system to allow traditional retailers to compete on an equal footing in a rapidly changing digital landscape.

    Its POS was used by more than 20,000 retailers in seven different countries in 2022.

    In 2023, Dukkantek rebrands as DTEK and introduces SWIFT, an automated checkout system driven by computer vision.

    Their software Swift’s unique features:

    • innovative counter-top solution
    • advanced cameras and AI algorithms detect products instantly, 
    • allows smooth credit card or phone transactions.

    5. Kitopi 

    Kitopi is a multi-brand restaurant that uses technology. Their goal since their founding in January 2018 has been to satiate everyone’s desire. 

    They presently run more than 200 kitchens and have partnerships with more than 200 brands throughout the UAE, Bahrain, KSA, Kuwait, and Qatar.

    Kitopi is a major food tech company, and a big part of its success has come from its creative and adaptable software. The Smart Kitchen Operating System (SKOS), an in-house suite of apps developed by Kitopi that optimizes cloud kitchen operations in real-time, powers the company’s kitchens. 

    Kitopi’s SaaS product overview:

    • highly customized web and mobile sales apps 
    • kitchen management systems, 
    • customer support, 
    • delivery, control, and business apps that assist in decision-making.

    6. Lyve Global

    Lyve Global is a B2B software as a service platform that enables companies to digitize the customer journey from order placement to payment and delivery. 

    This SaaS company has its headquarters in the UAE, operates in 22 countries, and provides its services to hundreds of customers as well as well-known brands in the e-commerce, pharmaceutical, telecom, supermarket, and food and beverage sectors. 

    Their technology is digitizing and integrating order, management, payment, and delivery operations for its customers with over 500 million engagements.

    The software has the potential to:

    • Completing orders for customers
    • assistance with managing payments
    • Plan the delivery of goods and services.

    7. KLAIM

    In the GCC, Klaim rose to prominence in 2019 as a trailblazing fintech innovator with a bold goal of redefining the financial dynamics for healthcare providers everywhere. 

    • With an emphasis on quick financial fixes, they set out to transform the medical claims reimbursement procedure.
    • KLAIM guarantees that healthcare practitioners will be paid within 24 hours of submitting their claims to insurance companies. 
    • Every claim that is submitted is handled with an unheard-of speed and effectiveness. 
    • The company was awarded the title of Private Enterprise Tech Innovator in the UAE by KPMG. 
    • Their database indicates that it often takes 60 to 90 days from the time of preparation of a claim to its payment, which has a significant effect on the cash flow of healthcare facilities. 90% of claims submitted to insurers are paid after an average of 120 days.

    8. ZIWO

    ZIWO is Cloud Contact Centre Software (CCAAS), which offers businesses an easy way to communicate with their customers in a crystal-clear voice. The software can be integrated with any app and has pre-made plugins for the majority of CRMs.

    Ziwo gives companies access to the best cloud contact center solution available. Advanced capabilities of the software include call monitoring, call masking, end-of-call surveys, virtual phone numbers in more than 150 countries, CDR, IVR, real-time reporting, and more.

    ZIWO software features:

    • Unwaveringly Clear Quality Calls
    • Simplify Your Interactions Handle WhatsApp and phone calls from a single discussion interface. 
    • 15+ CRM Integrations

    9. Xpence

    For independent contractors, startups, SMEs, and major corporations, Xpence is a cutting-edge, intelligent platform for managing company expenses that integrates both virtual and physical Visa cards.

    XPENCE digital solution involves:

    • Issue both virtual and physical cards, and monitor the spending of your group.
    • Include notes and receipts with each transaction.
    • You can also customize each card’s restrictions and limitations.
    • In real-time, You can accept and approve spending requests.
    • Their Smart cards are globally accepted

    10. Foodics

    Restaurateurs can easily oversee, streamline, and develop all of their operations, anytime and from anywhere with Foodics, the leading restaurant and payment tech supplier in MENA. Foodics is a one-stop shop for restaurant operations and financial management solutions.

    Since its establishment in 2014 with headquarters in Riyadh, Foodics has been increasingly asserting itself as a global player. It currently serves over 35 countries and is steadily expanding its presence in six MENA nations: Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, Egypt, Jordan, Kuwait, and the Netherlands.

    Their Software solution provides:

    • Improve your company by integrating a wide range of apps, from online ordering and delivery to finance and accounting to your Foodics point of sale system.
    • Method of Payment. Integrate Foodics Pay with your Cashier App to provide your customers with a quick and safe checkout process.
    • Make sure that your kitchen and front-of-house workers work together harmoniously to avoid any misunderstandings or needless delays.

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      Make use of instructional resources. To assist users in getting the most out of the product, the majority of SaaS companies in Dubai offerings include knowledge bases, tutorials, and other resources.

      Consult the onboarding staff. Having a conversation or video conference with a representative is the next step. Ensure that important team members are there as well.

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