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Looking for the Best Money Counter Machine in Dubai for 2023? Look no further than PenielTech! Our top-of-the-line money counter machines are designed to meet your currency handling needs with precision and efficiency. Count, verify, and organize your cash with ease.

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Best Cash Counting Machine by Elate at Penieltech

It takes time to count and sort the money. Making the cash counting process as accurate, fast, and effortless as possible is our main goal. Businesses including restaurants, convenience stores, and retail stores invest in and rely on a cash counting machine, as do banks, governmental organizations, and other manufacturing spaces. However, some people are still doubtful of them, partly because a cash counting machine appears too simple — almost like infidelity — when in reality, these devices can stop defrauding by offering quick accuracy and dotting fake money. So how does a money counter machine operate? Our money counter machine Dubai is portable, easy to use, and needs little to no training. However, a little extra knowledge might help you save time and money.

How does the currency counting machine work?

Simply, a currency counting machine works by setting up a stack of notes. The money note counting machine then goes through each note one at a time, instantly counting the number of times an internal light beam is cut off to identify the denomination and display a total. Using a black light to highlight the bills, which have fluorescent markings printed on them, can help distinguish real from fake currency, some currency counters can also detect counterfeit bills. What will you get from it? When you make a deposit, your bills are quickly counted and reviewed through our money counter machine Dubai, so you don't have to worry about miscounts or the bank rejecting your bills.

How does the money counting machine work?

The added benefit of showing the money's note worth is a feature of money couning machine. Therefore, these gadgets allow you to insert a range of bills into the machine rather than having to screen and place-specific denominations in a currency counter. These machines have Colour image sensors (CIS) to scan and identify each bill. Also, they calculate the total number of bills and the sum of each denomination. Currency is examined for fluorescent symbols or brightening agents using counterfeit detection equipment, such as ultraviolet (UV), magnetic (MG), and infrared (IR) – which can't be seen with the naked eye. It is worthwhile to investigate the various choices for managing currencies and how they operate. Every company or organization has unique requirements. But practically everyone who works with counting, sorting, and authenticating currency will concur that these tasks are better left to technological advancements. One could argue that there are just too many causes to count. Thus, Penieltech brings you the best money counting machine Dubai for businesses banks, and other institutions.

Cash Counting Machine Price in UAE

The price of cash counting machines in the UAE starts at just AED 530.00.

Front Loading Bill Counter EX-600

Front Loading Bill Counter EX-600

Multi-currency detection:UV+MG+IR+MT+DD, Front loading, Semi-value counter, 3MG sensor can detect currency with weak MG, Voltage:100-240V

  • Size:242*276*245mm
  • Net Weight :5.65Kgs
  • Hopper Capacity:500pcs
  • Stacker Capacity:300pcs
  • Power Supply:100-240V
  • Counting speed:1200 sheets/min
  • Carton Capacity:2 pcs
  • Carton Weight:12.7kg
  • Carton Size:616*320*305mm

Mix Value Counter(EX-890IF)

Value detection:UV MG IR MT DD, Equipped with two color sensors, Report and Voice function, Big size TFT displays, Volatge:110/220V

  • Size:310*245*185mm
  • Weight:7kgs
  • Hopper capacity:200 pcs
  • Stacker capacity:200pc
  • Carton capacity:2pcs
  • Carton weight:15kg
  • Carton size:660*420*245mm
Mix Value Counter(EX-890IF)
Portable Bill Counter EX-886

Portable Bill Counter EX-886

Small size, Voltage:100-240V, With large LCD display, Load with rechargeable battery(optional)

  • Size:230*245*145mm
  • Net Weight :3Kgs
  • Hopper Capacity:200pcs
  • Stacker Capacity:200pcs
  • Power Supply:100-240V
  • Counting speed:1500sheets/min
  • Carton Capacity:4 pcs
  • Carton Weight:15.4kg
  • Carton Size:594*325*422mm

Portable bill counter(EX-670)

Multi-currency detection:UV+MG+IR+MT, Able to be loaded with 3MG, Large display, Volatge:100-240V, Load with rechargeable battery(Optional)

  • Size:308*265*163mm
  • Weight:3.8kgs
  • Hopper capacity:200pcs
  • Stacker capacity:200pcs
  • Power supply:110V-220VAC,60/50Hz/12.6V,4A
  • Carton capacity:4pcs
  • Carton weight: 19.5kg
  • Carton size:600*350*395mm
Portable bill counter(EX-670)



  • Size:280*230*160mm
  • Weight:3.38kgs
  • Hopper capacity:200pcs
  • Stacker capacity:200pcs
  • Power supply:110V-220VAC,60/50Hz/12.6V,4A
  • Carton capacity:4pcs
  • Carton weight: 18.5kg
  • Carton size:590*345*410mm

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Money Counting Machine Price in UAE

The price of money counting machines in the UAE starts at just AED 530.00.

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