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For all of your HR requirements, Elate HRMS' innovative technology and excellent customer support combine to provide a seamless solution. With automated processes for onboarding and offboarding, our cloud-based software makes managing employees easier than ever so you can get back to running things more quickly.

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HR Automation in Saudi Arabia

The best HRMS Software in KSA - Penieltech's Elate HRMS is here to serve the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia SMEs with cloud technology. To increase organizational efficiency and meet your payroll and HR demands, take advantage of automation and customization.

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  • Easy

    1. HR Analytics

    Using data-driven insights produced by HR analytics software, make wise HR decisions.

  • Auto

    2. Talent Management

    The talent management system from Elate HRMS assists you in finding, keeping, and developing talent inside your company.

  • Advanced

    Better Recruitment

    Using recruitment management and CRM software, you can oversee every step of the hiring process, from advertising job openings to choosing candidates.

  • Possible

    4. Integration

    Integrate seamlessly for effective data exchange and process optimization with HR, ERP, and CRM software.

HRMS Software Saudi Arabia - The Best HR Software Solutions - Middle East

Best HRMS Software In Saudi Arabia



Design to automate the HR recruitment process.



HR Performance Management.



Record promotion business case and justification.



Inter company / Inter location Transfer.



Training Course Master Training Records.



Travel Expenses Updates.



Payroll linked to leave Data.



Employee self service for salary view.

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HR and Payroll Management

The HR department of any business needs to handle payroll. HRMS software KSA streamlines the administration, and mass processing of employee payroll, and salary structure processes efficiently. Accounting for attendance, overtime, costs, commissions, reimbursements, and deductions can make payroll computations intricate. Manual labor might result in mistakes and lost time. Elate HRMS, the best HR and payroll software in Saudi Arabia can make these operations simpler and more automated.

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Performance Management

Use the advanced employee reports included in Elate Payroll software to guide and enhance your HR plan. To improve human resource management, spot trends in employee behavior, and take proactive measures. Obtain a comprehensive understanding of staff performance throughout time to make wise decisions.

To examine and document an employee's work performance, use performance evaluation. You can handle staff evaluations by making an appraisal template with the performance-defining criteria included.

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HMRS Solution Provider company Saudi Arabia

Employee management life cycle

The employee management cycle includes skill mapping, employee onboarding, promotions, and terminations. All of these tasks can be handled with a single HR management software (Elate HRMS).

Penieltech provides best-in-class HR and payroll software in Saudi Arabia. Obtain payroll and HR software that is entirely customized to the requirements of your business. The HRMS & Payroll software assists clients with all basic and even complex company requirements, depending on the versions they choose. The application is incredibly scalable and flexible.

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Transfer management

An employee transfer is a type of internal mobility when an employee is transferred to a new role, usually at a different site, division, or unit.

You can document employee transfers to different businesses or departments in the HRMS by using the Employee Transfer document.

Transfer documents may be submitted either ahead of time or after the transfer date. The Employee will be updated with all changes made to the Transfer Details table upon submission.

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Best HRMS Software Solution Provider in Saudi Arabia

Training in HRMS

The training program, event, results, and feedback all come under the training section. You can make a training program in the HRMS and schedule training events under it.

After the training is over, employees can provide feedback via Training Feedback, and also result can be provided to the employees.

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Travel and Expenses

Sometimes employees need to travel outside the office for work, and the corporation pays for part of those expenses. Employees can seek money for business travel using the HRMS's Travel Expense feature.

You can also apply for some advance payment from the employer using the HRMS employee advance option.

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Leave management

Align business strategy and give employees more choices over their deployment with a fully integrated solution that includes a time off and attendance module. Continually follow the company's leave policy when approving different forms of leave.

With HRMS, you may effectively manage the leave policy of your organization. Make as many different sorts of leaves as your organization requires. Create and distribute different holiday lists using HRMS.

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Features of HR and Payroll software that Utilize HRMS more effectively.

  • Payroll and HR software features that improve HRMS use.
  • Computerized hiring technique reduces travel expenses.
  • Makes it possible to create a shortlist of candidates, set up interviews, and manage leaves via payroll.
  • Examine employee performance and set up payroll.
  • According to the people's performance, HRMS helps in making decisions regarding their appraisals and promotions.
  • Maintain a training log and follow it.

By eliminating manual procedures, Elate Human Resource Management Software (HRMS), a potent HR software in the KSA, enhances your HR division. Payroll, hiring, workflows, calendars, and employee administration are just a few of its features.

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Payroll Set-up

Payroll is the process of managing employee salaries, wages, bonuses, net pay, and also deductions. Employees can view their salary details in the HRMS payroll section.

Elate HRMS Software was trended as the Best HRMS Software for small businesses in Saudi Arabia for 2023. and Still, it is the Best HRMS Software in KSA for 2024.

Payroll Management

Payroll management of financial records involving employee salaries, salaries, bonuses, gross pay, and deductions. Employees can use the payroll section of the HRMS to examine their salary details.

Payroll has to be processed by the HR department of every business. HRMS considerably expedites this process by offering several features, such as salary structure, administration, and bulk processing of employee payroll.

Payroll Software KSA allows you to handle payroll schedules, payslips, and Income Tax, make a compensation structure using the components of pay (Earnings and Deductions), and assign salary structures to each employee by using the salary structure assignment tool.

Using Payroll Software Saudi Arabia you can manage -
  • Payroll Period
  • Income Tax Slab
  • Using salary components, create a salary structure (Earnings and Deductions).
  • Utilizing the salary structure assignment tool, assign salary structures to each employee
  • Salary slips can be produced using payroll entry etc
Payroll Software UAE

Salary Structure

The details of the salary being provided to an employee, including the breakdown of the many elements that make up their compensation, are described in their salary structure.

Among other things, payroll software enables you to specify the Earnings and Deductions of a Salary Structure, Payroll periodicity, and Payment Mode. To enable the company to pay its employees by working hours, payroll software also lets you create the Salary Structure for Salary Slips based on Timesheets.

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Salary Slip

A wage slip is a document that is given to employees. It provides a detailed analysis of the employee's pay components and quantities. With payroll software, wage slips can be generated.

Based on attendance and leave information as well as timesheet data, you can create a wage slip. Salary slip generation by month and year is another feature of payroll software.

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Payroll Entry

Payroll Entry is a feature of payroll software that facilitates bulk processing of employee paychecks.

Alternatively, processing the pay stubs for every employee at once. The company-wide bulk processing or the following categories can be used: Department, branch, or designation You can create payroll entry by selecting a branch, designation, and department in payroll frequency. Payroll software has the feature of Salary Accrual and Salary payment.

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Additional Salary

An employee who works for a corporation may additionally receive a salary in addition to their regular pay. To add or subtract the salary for a specific Employee while processing the payroll, payroll software offers you a feature called Additional Salary.

In payroll software before creating an additional salary you have to create an employee and salary components. Payroll software offers the feature of Recurring additional salaries. Using this feature users can generate an Additional Salary for a fixed period.

Payroll Solution UAE

Retention Bonus

Employee incentives and bonuses are a way to recognize and encourage good work in addition to the base pay.

Payroll software allows you to create Employee Incentives for a particular payroll entry as needed. Offering incentives to staff members is one option available to employers trying to increase worker productivity.

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Appraisal management software in Saudi Arabia

Businesses can implement a clean evaluation process by using appraisal management software in Saudi Arabia. Performance reviews are a means to express gratitude for an employee's work-related activities. Employees frequently believe that their yearly performance review will determine whether or not they will work for the same company in the long run.

Tasks involving extensive analytical abilities, like managing evaluations, may be challenging. The assessment management solution offered by Elate HRMS software in KSA might help your business's evaluation procedure run more smoothly.


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Top 10 HRMS Software in Saudi Arabia - 2024

Exploring the Top 10 HRMS Software Options in KSA, HR Payroll Software Companies in Saudi Arabia and Middle East.

  • Elate HRMS
  • Zoho HRMS
  • Emerald HRMS
  • Sage HRMS
  • Gulf HR
  • Paylite HRMS
  • Peniel Computer HRMS
  • Bayzat
  • ERPNext HRMS
  • Odoo HRMS

As authorized partners across Saudi Arabia, and the entire Middle East region, we proudly offer an extensive suite of top-tier HRMS solutions, including all those mentioned above. Secure your complimentary consultation today, and let our experts guide you in selecting the perfect ERP vendor and solution for your unique business needs.

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Know more about HRMS
HRMS is a combination of all the systems and processes that are necessary to manage the HR department of an organisation efficiently.
The management of financial records for employee salaries, wages, bonuses, net pay, and deductions is known as payroll. Employees can view their salary details in the HRMS payroll section.
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