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When an organization grows, security becomes an important matter. Access to the office or building has been granted traditionally by door locks and a security person to take note of each individual entering the office. A door access control system is used to determine the security of the office and enables you to restrict access for authenticated individuals. Electronic door access control gives the owner an efficient and convenient way of securing your buildings and assets. The disadvantages of having a mechanical lock are

  • The key can be easily copied by an unauthorized person
  • Do not provide the record of the person who used the key
  • When a key is lost, the authorization is at risk

The door access control system provides a convenient method to authorize people to enter the office. With the access system, tokens are issued to allow individuals permission to enter the door. When an access system is installed, the door is configured by the system which locks the door whenever it is closed.

The access control system consists of the controller, electric lock, door reader, alarm, sensor, and doorbell. Credentials like fingerprints and cards are used to authorize the right person who can enter the door. The benefits of having a door access control system are

  • Controlled access to the office
  • Access reporting for the users
  • Monitor all activities
  • Theft-deterrent
  • Timestamp management
  • Backup of data regularly

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Door Access Control Solution for Large Enterprises

The setup of door access control is a simple and hassle-free process. The main objective is to provide quick and convenient access to the authorized people while preventing the entry of unauthorized persons. The access control software is the main database that serves as a file manager that records the system activities

When a user tries to open the door, the door access system checks for the identity of the person, and the door is unlocked for a set time by entering the event. If the identity is not matched or unauthorized, the door remains locked and the attempt is recorded. When a person tries to force open the door, the system will make an alarm and records the event. Hence, all the events are being monitored and stored by the door access solution in the centralized database.

The exit button installed inside the office will let the user depart from the office without any key. These exit buttons are wireless will open the door when you wave near the button using the sensor. The door access solution provides you to limit a person in scheduled time. For example, if any service person is visiting your office every Friday, you can schedule the access code of the person to be granted only on Fridays at a specified timing. The access control system provides an excellent report feature that records all the activity with an accurate time.

Integrated and Secure Door Access Control Solution

Each door controller supports two readers. One is on the outside of the door that checks for the authorization of a person and another is the exit button inside the office that enables the user to depart the office. Electric locks are part of door access software. It is easy to install the lock which provides access to the people in both directions

Access cards are the most common identifiers used in the access control system. The different options for identifiers in the door access control software are

  • Biometric fingerprints of the employee can be used as an identifier
  • Pin or passcode the employee can be given an access code that serves as an identifier
  • Identity card the company identity card can also be used as an identifier

You can also combine two identifiers to increase the security standard of the organization. For example, while entering the server room, you can set to verify the identity of the person with an identity card and then a specific pin to enter the server room. The double-check standard increases security and provides a hassle-free environment.

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EC10 & EX16

The security access system can be installed in multiple doors of the organization and centralized with one unified system. The centralized system provides you with improved efficiency, cost savings, increased mobility, future-proofing, and increased security. The access control systems are very easy to implement and use. You don't have to give training to your employees. When you set up the database with the details and identifiers of the people who are using the door, the system is all set to be used.

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FR1300 is an indoor slave reader with RS485 interface that works with master controllers from ZKTeco, for example, inBIO series biometric control panels. As a value-added slave reader, FR1300 provides the most secure and cost effective access control solution for small and medium enterprises.

  • Sensor: ZKTeco Infrared Optical Sensor
  • Communication: RS485
  • Built-in Card Reader: 125 kHz EM card reader, Optional IC card reader
  • Optional Function: IC Card Module
  • Power Supply: DC 12V /li>
  • Operating Temperature: 0°C ~ 45°C
  • Operating Humidity: 20% ~ 80%
  • Dimension: 88mm×88mm×33.6mm
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Why should you choose a door access control system?

In the evolving world, it is important to ensure the safety and security of the business regardless of the size of the organization. The door is the first step and entry to the business area which has to be protected to ensure a peaceful environment for the employees to work. A door access control system is one that provides you various solutions like the biometric reader, control access for the employees, recording the access attempt, centralized database, and seamless integration of the building.

When you require an authenticated product to secure your organization, we at penile technology provide you with the best access control solution that fits your requirement. The door access system is very budget-friendly and can be used by different businesses from startups to a largely developed organizations according to their requirement. We help you to install the access system and ensure protection for your business.

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SF400 is an IP based fingerprint terminal with both Network and Standalone operation modes. It is connectible with ZKAccess 3.5 software for access control and time attendance management.

With Wiegand output, SF400 is flexible to connect with ZK or any 3rd party controllers as a slave reader. Wiegand input configures two SF400 units to utilize Master & Slave solution to enable users verification at both entrance and exit. Anti-passback function is also enabled to maximize the security level.

Auxiliary input interface allows SF400 to connect with an extra source, for instance, a smoke detector or emergency switch.

Once the linkage function is enabled through the machine menu, the device generates an alarm signal and opens doors in case of emergency.


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