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Elate CRM helps you streamline your sales workflow for higher growth and profits!

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Elate CRM Features

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Cloud Based

Access this CRM from any mobile and laptop devices.

Faster Workflow

Easy User interface helps you to streamline and manage your workflow and process which enables you to close deals faster and easily.


Get Daily report on sales performance and other vital details such as leads generated & deals closed throughout the day, week and year.

Role Security

With the help of role security, you can assign the roles and seniority level of each sales executives along with the data that they can access.

Get customized CRM for your organization.

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Why use Elate CRM?

Informative Dashboard: Get detailed information in form of graphs and statistical data of all your sales progress carried out throughout the day, month or year

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Never loose valuable leads!

By using excel sheets to track your customers, you are at a risk of letting out some follow-ups due to human error or system crashing. All the customer data needs to be systematically organized by a software which will help you streamline your workflow to give attention to all your potential customers and clients.

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Track your Sales Executives

You can now assign leads to your sales executives and see how they progress with the meetings. You can get reports on their performance, how many clients they were able to win and how many they lost. Check the reasons they lost and motivate them to perform better in the future.

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Faster Deals and Sales

Speed up your sales and close deals faster by doing follow-ups and quotation revision, you will be able to offer the best deals and refer the previous quotations that you gave before. This CRM will generate all the needed quotations and invoices that you need in pdf format so that you can send it to your clients.